Animal Feed


Hassad invested in the fodder sector over the past years through Aalaf Qatar (a subsidiary of Hassad). Established in 2017, Aalaf produces and supplies green fodder, vitamins and salts to the local market in suitable quantities and prices, to support the local livestock sector.

Hassad plans to invest over the next three years to develop 19 new pivots on 1,200 hectares, to produce 25,000 tons/year of green fodder, as well as cover more than 50% of the local market needs of primary fodder materials.

Aalaf currently produces Alfalfa and Rhodes through its farms in Irkiyah, A’Sailiya & A’Reffa’, which span over a total land area of 900 hectares and produces more than 10,000 tons/year. Moreover, Aalaf currently has nine sales centers in key locations across the country: Semesma, Um Salal, Al Shahaniya, Abu Hamour, Abu Nakhla, Irkiyah, Al Wakra, Al Wakra Central Market and Al Karaana.