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​​​Throughout its global operations, Hassad Food, Qatar's premier investor in the food and agri-business sectors works on producing world class brands, foster knowledge economy and foster local employability.

Hassad Food is fully committed to supporting the 2030 vision in each of its four pillars through delivering long term contributions to the local society as well as the communities we operate in.

Hassad Food Supports Each of​ the Four Pillars ​ ​ ​
Empowering and developing the young local talents to become the future leaders of tomorrowHassad is committed to promote a better quality of life and provide employment opportunities for the local society and the communities we operate in. Hassad's global presence and int​ernational investments supports and contributes to the prosperity of the national economy and aims to achieve long terms economic goalsInvesting in latest, state of the art technologies; Hassad fosters an environmentally safe projects

  • As part of supporting the human and social pillars, Hassad Food carries out a yearly scholarship programme, where the company recruits Qatari students to complete their university degree, specializing in agriculture and food sciences in the UK. Hassad Food also carries out a sustainable internship training programme, to help bridge Qatari university students to the work environment by equipping them with the needed skills.

  • Hassad Food throughout its operation and investment models work on supporting the local economic pillar.

  • Hassad Food believes that good sustainable food requires good sustainable environment, hence the company applies the highest standards of environmental technologies.