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Established in 2008, Qatar's premier investor in the food and agri-business sectors, Hassad Food is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). Entrusted to support the needs of Qatar's growing economy, while at the same time realize profitable and sustainable business objectives.

Since its commen​cement, the company adopted a state of the art investment model that mainly focused on investing globally in viable prospects to support Qatar and the region's food requirements.

Hassad Food has diverse vertical investments in Qatar, Australia, Pakistan and Oman with potential future investments in Asia, Africa, Europe and, North and South America.

Hassad through its various subsidiaries produces 250,000 heads of sheep, 179,000 tonnes of Grains and 8,000 tonnes of green fodder. Additionally, the company produces poultry products, vegtables, basmati rice, Dates and many other products.


To be a leading global provider of high quality food products.


To own, develop and operate efficient, profitable, and growth-orientated global business brands that contribute to the welfare of Qatar and other societies, using efficient technology in harmony with the environment, and adhering to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.